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Invest4Health Workshop in Skåne Explored Testbed for Early Coordinated Interventions

On June 9th, a pivotal workshop took place in Skåne as part of the Invest4Health project, which aims to revolutionize health promotion and disease prevention financing through innovative investment models. The meeting, organized by RISE and Region Skåne, brought together officials from various departments within the region and its municipalities. The primary objective was to explore the feasibility of establishing a testbed focused on Early Coordinated Interventions (ECI) for children and young people.

The Concept of Early Coordinated Interventions (ECI)

Inspired by the successful Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) initiative in Scotland, ECI is an approach and framework that emphasizes preventive and health-promoting interventions. It involves close collaboration between schools, healthcare providers, and social services, ensuring holistic support for children who require assistance from multiple actors. The core principle of ECI is early detection and timely interventions to support children’s well-being and development.

Workshop Highlights

The meeting began with an introduction to the Invest4Health project and its objectives, including a shift toward a primary care-based healthcare model and an increased focus on prevention and health promotion. Following that, the participants engaged in two smaller workshops, focusing on problem analysis and creating a logic model for ECI implementation.

During the problem analysis workshop, a “problem tree” was developed, highlighting the lack of coordination and joint structures for health promotion and early-stage prevention. The logic model workshop explored the experiences of four municipalities in Skane that have implemented TSI (Tidiga samordnade insatser) initiatives, which align with the principles of ECI.

Expectations and Next Steps

Discussions revolved around the expectations from the TSI team and the testbed on Invest4Health. Local representatives expressed the need for straightforward content and flexible models that can be adapted to local conditions. They also emphasized the importance of collaboration, coordination, and measuring interventions’ effects and societal gains. On the other hand, Invest4Health should aim to provide a strategic, regional perspective and contribute with expertise that could be more readily available within the municipalities.

The meeting concluded with a consensus that the testbed would cover the entire Region Skåne and focus on coordination and common structures between the region and municipalities. It was decided that the different TSI models from various municipalities would serve as cases for analysis. A second follow-up workshop is planned for September to further clarify roles and organizational structure and gather additional information about local TSI initiatives.


The Invest4Health workshop in Skåne was essential in establishing a testbed for Early Coordinated Interventions. The collaboration between RISE, Region Skåne, and participating municipalities reflects a shared commitment to proactive health promotion and disease prevention among children and young people. By developing innovative investment models and fostering effective coordination, Skåne aims to provide early support to all children and young people in need, ensuring their well-being and long-term development.

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