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The testbed region of Skåne is the third most populous region of Sweden and covers an area of 11 303 km2. The capital of the county is the city of Malmö. Skåne is Sweden’s southern gate to the world. Skåne’s geographical location provides with unique possibilities and facilitates both national and international collaborations and investments that involve actors in a myriad of fields, from traditional industries to research and innovation in areas such as life science, tech, AI, gaming and more. Region Skåne’s ability to engage in collaborations across borders, both internal and external and of all kinds, is a prerequisite for satisfactory growth.

With a population of around 1.4 million people, Skåne is home to more than 7 percent of the Swedish population. Socioeconomic status in Skåne varies across the 33 different municipalities within the region. The proportion of citizens with a migration background can be estimated up to 23,5 percent (in 2022). Women have a higher life expectancy than men in Skåne, with women living on average nearly 3,5 years longer, 84,5 and 81 years (2021). Women have better health behaviours overall, but there is a tendency towards convergence.  Some key health challenges in the region are impaired mental well-being/mental health and obesity.

Better health for more people is Region Skåne’s overarching goal, which describes the direction, in every little improvement, in every major innovation. In other words, better health for more people not only refers to healthcare but characterises all the developments under Region Skåne’s umbrella. For example, better health for more people is made possible through the construction of new hospital premises, through contributions to cultural and sporting events, by access to public transportation and through different investments and collaborations.

About the healthcare landscape the region is one health area, covering both specialized and primary care, in which nine hospitals, one of which is a university hospital, 150 health care centres/child health care centres, 160 psychiatric clinics/wards, 400 dental clinics are located. There is also 24/7 reporting,, online or telephone.

Innovation Skåne is Region Skåne’s innovation company, and as such a partner in the project management as well as in the Skåne tested in Invest4Health. Along with private and public partners Innovation Skåne develops opportunities for innovation and growth that benefit both Skåne and the rest of the world.