Building consensus on a common architecture

Building consensus on a common architecture is crucial in the Invest4Health project due to its complex nature. With diverse stakeholders and perspectives involved, reaching shared understanding ensures effective decision-making, alignment of goals, and implementation of strategies. Relatedly, building consensus fosters collaboration, reduces conflicts, and enables the project to harness collective expertise, leading to more impactful outcomes. As suggested by a consortium member, attention to the processes that makes the project ‘click’ and the learning this generates, facilitates progression from ‘value proposition’ to ‘value realisation’.

In the first six months of the project, three workshops and a series of discussions were held to initiate debates among I4H partners to arrive at a consensus on the meaning of the terms used for the purposes of the project.

 From these initial discussions, we are working to establish a Consortium Architecture Reflection Group (CARG) that will play a pivotal role in advancing various aspects of the project. It will serve as a valuable platform for generating continuous learning and insights, benefiting the consortium, project workstreams, and external stakeholders.

One of the primary roles of the CARG will be to actively help generate learning and insights about a common architecture for making smart capacitating investment work on the ground in test bed regions with different health systems. Bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise will facilitate meaningful discussions and help shape the project’s direction. Accordingly, the CARG will serve as a central hub for gathering and generating learning from these discussions, research findings and other information generated. By consolidating and disseminating knowledge, the CARG will enhance the impact of the project and contribute to evidence-based decision-making.

The establishment of the CARG signifies the project’s commitment to continuous learning, collaboration, and the pursuit of innovative solutions. Through active engagement, the CARG will provide a platform for fruitful exchanges and foster a knowledge-sharing culture within the consortium. As the Invest4Health project progresses, the CARG will ensure that the transformative potential of Invest4Health is maximized for the benefit of individuals and communities.

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