Citizen and Patient Involvement – Apply to be our Invest4Health Citizen Patient Advisory Group member

On behalf of the Invest4Health consortium, we seek to appoint individuals (citizens and patients) to a Citizen Patient Advisory Group (CPAG). Invest4Health, this 42-month EU-wide project running until 2027, is taking the first steps in designing and testing new finance and business models that will help healthcare providers, local governments, and communities transform how resources are shared to strengthen health promotion and disease prevention in a post-COVID pandemic world.

The Citizen Patient Advisory Group will play a vital role in this process, as the project aims to involve citizens, patients, and civil society as equal decision-makers in the dialogue.

Why apply to be a member of the Citizen Patient Advisory Group The impact you can have as a Public Contributor

The I4H project is about creating local, national, and European change. Joining Invest4Health (I4H) will allow you to provide input into how participatory governance can be improved to involve citizens and patients in prioritizing investments in health promotion and disease prevention at different levels. This will rely on you bringing your views and lived experience as someone who uses health and/or social care or cares for someone who does, but also more broadly thinking about working with a citizen in society.

You will have the chance to work with a broad range of stakeholders as part of the project, supporting the strategic oversight of the I4H project. But if you are from one of our 4 regional testbeds (Skåne, Sweden; West Wales, UK; Nord Rhein Westphalia, Germany; and Galicia, Spain), you may also get a chance to be involved in specific local activities.

For further information, consult our project website and download the advert for the CPAG membership HERE

Download the CPAG application form HERE

Deadline for applications: 18 March 2024

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Jenny Camaradou, CPAG coordinator, Sichting Health ClusterNet:

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