Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation


Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards Holly Whiteley
Bangor University Founded in 1884, Bangor University has a long tradition of academic excellence and a strong research focus. The Centre for Health Economics & Medicines Evaluation (CHEME), within the School of Medical and Health Sciences, was co-founded by Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards and Professor Dyfrig Hughes in 2001. The Centre is one of the leading health economics centres in the UK and the biggest health economists research group in Wales, active across a range of health economic and medicines evaluation research activities, including preventative public health economics and the health economics of psychosocial interventions and other non-pharmacological health technologies, led by Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards. PHERG adopts a life-course model applying methods of health economics evaluation to trials and other study designs in the evaluation of public health and psychosocial interventions at both a programme and system level, offering a depth and breath of public health economics knowledge, skills and expertise with a particular focus on ’shifting’ inter-sectoral public health care interventions, approaches and funding towards prevention. CHEME also hosts the Social Value Hub – an organisational member of Social Value UK that offers support, advice, training and consultancy to help organisations measure and communicate the social impact and value they create for people and the environment. The Social Value Hub utilises a range of qualitative, quantitative and financial methods, including Social Return on Investment and Realist Evaluation, to understanding, measuring and monetising social, environmental and economic outcomes and producing robust return on investment analyses. At a broader scale, Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards and PHERG have played a key role in developing methodology for the economic evaluation of public health interventions and Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards has also co-edited a textbook for Oxford University Press entitled “Applied Economic Evaluation for Public Health Research and Practice”, showcasing CHEME and PHERG research in public health economics.