Business Transformationen, Smart Work & Service Management


Yannick Becerra
FORSCHUNGSINSTITUT FUER RATIONALISIERUNG The Institute for Industrial Management FIR is a non-profit, intersectoral research and educational institution at RWTH Aachen University concerned with business organization, information logistics and corporate IT with the aim to establish the organizational basis for the digitally integrated company of the future. Through the development and transfer of innovative solutions, FIR contributes to enhancing the competitiveness of companies. This is undertaken within an infrastructure that is ideally suited for experimental organizational research – methodologically sound, scientifically rigorous, and conducted in close collaboration with experts from business and industry. The activities focus on the application of research to industry verticals: Future Logistics, Smart Services and Smart Maintenance, Smart Commercial Buildings, and Smart Mobility. The institute provides research, qualification programs and lectures in the fields of service management, business transformation, information management, and production management. As a research institution of the Johannes-Rau-Forschungsgemeinschaft, FIR supports the research strategy of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and participates in its research clusters to strengthen NRW as a hub of research and innovation. A member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations, FIR promotes research and development for the benefit of small, medium-sized and large businesses.