Comprehensive Training Programme For Decision and Policymakers

The Invest4Health team have presented a comprehensive training programme tailored for decision-makers and policymakers to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement Smart Capacitating Investment (SCI) models. These models are designed to support Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) programmes by employing unconventional investment strategies that offer returns ranging from financial benefits […]

Building Collaborative Advantage Through Smart Capacitating Investment

When Invest4Health started on January 2-23, the consortium was driven by a shared vision: to incentivise a shift from hospital-centric care to smart capacitating investment in health promotion and disease prevention at scale across multiple levels with sustainable returns and localised benefits. The first 18 months saw an immense effort to get people and processes […]

Invest4Health Embarks on Foresight Exercise for Future Health Financing

Invest4Health, an innovative initiative dedicated to transforming public health financing, is launching a foresight exercise to envision the future of health promotion and disease prevention financing by 2040. The need for a new approach to public health financing is more pressing than ever. With public finances in a fragile state, cost-effective strategies spanning multiple sectors […]

Development of SCI-compatible financing methods – Milestones of Work Package 4

The current status of preventive public health and wellbeing interventions in Europe involves a combination of funding from public and private sources. On average, public spending on preventive care accounts for 2.8% of total health expenditure across EU countries, ranging from 0.8% to 4.4%. While there is significant variation between countries, preventive interventions are typically […]

Testbed North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW): Addressing Ergonomic Challenges in the Home Office Environment

The evolution of working environments In recent years, the landscape of everyday working life has undergone a remarkable transformation. With a rising number of employees seizing remote work opportunities, the traditional office setting has evolved. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this shift, familiarizing people with the advantages of working from home. However, despite the allure of remote […]

Exploring the Invest4Health testbeds – Region Skåne, Sweden, focusing on tackling health inequalities in mental health and wellbeing amongst children

Building on knowledge and experience in social investments, Invest4Health aims to develop sustainable funding mechanisms that stimulate collaboration and incentivise investment within and across sectors while challenging traditional governance and funding models in health promotion and disease prevention. The lead partner of Invest4Health is Region Skåne. Still, at the same time, Skåne is one of […]

Strategic Replication: Introducing Innovative Ways to Finance Health through Social Franchising in Smart Capacitating Investment Models

Social franchising comes into focus as we progress through the complex stages of creating, testing and validating Smart Capacitating Investment (SCI) models. We are developing a comprehensive SCI package for a large-scale showcase. In a strategic move, we employ social franchising as the avenue for widespread replication to support financially our health promotion and disease […]