Invest4Health at The HealthTech Festival in Oslo

Invest4Health, our initiative to transform health financing and shape policies for optimizing health promotion and disease prevention resources, actively featured in The HealthTech Festival held at Oslo Science Park on June 15th. The festival served as a celebration of the thriving Norwegian ecosystem for Health Technologies, bringing together industry leaders, healthcare providers, decision-makers, and experts. The event programme was carefully designed to be inspiring, educational, and enjoyable, featuring discussions on challenges, collaborative examples, and future developments within the health tech sector. The organizers transformed the entire ground floor of the venue into a vibrant space filled with people and innovative solutions dedicated to enhancing healthcare through technology. 

Invest4Health made its presence known through an exhibition stand where our colleagues engaged with visitors, answering their questions and providing informative brochures. While Invest4Health primarily focuses on new innovative financing and investment mechanisms for health promotion and disease prevention, our participation at the festival underscored the relevance and synergy between different health-related fields. The presence of Invest4Health at the festival drew the attention of many interested individuals who approached our exhibition stand. This served as a reminder that a tech conference is not only an opportunity to explore the latest technological advancements but also a fitting occasion to raise awareness about the importance of considering other aspects and perspectives within the health arena.

By actively participating in the festival, Invest4Health demonstrated its commitment to driving positive change and improving healthcare outcomes. The event provided an excellent platform for showcasing our mission, forming partnerships, and contributing to the ongoing discourse on the direction of the health sector. Our presence at The HealthTech Festival showcased the potential role of Invest4Health in the evolving landscape of healthcare, emphasizing our dedication to optimizing health financing and promoting preventive measures for the benefit of individuals and communities.

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